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Angelina Taylor

Angelina Taylor is a New York-based artist primarily developing artworks using 3D design, Illustration, and painting. Her artistic practice is founded on researching and experiencing life, environments, and social theories as primary influences for narrative-based works.


Snow Airplane


3D Art

Mystical Forces


Unique fantasy worlds within motifs of townscapes, factories, and huge architectural creations. 

Different Dimension

High Tech

Futuristic Cyber tech train station, imagine our city can be like this in the near future, we can build the city on the ocean and travel to anywhere we want.

Magic House


I’ve never had a treehouse in my life, this is where I’d imagine myself escaping from the chaos. Hope you would enjoy it too.


Brooklyn-based artist Angelina Taylor takes us through the stories behind her professional background and her unique art style full of pastel colors that are at turns both whimsical and thought-provoking.

A Perfect Artistic Experience

This collection of works offers a comprehensive overview of my progress as a 3D artist and illustrator. I would like to thank those taking the time to browse through this collection, with the hope that it brings a bit of joy into your lives.

Book Appointment 

 You can tell me about your thoughts and feelings, so I can interpret them into a beautiful piece of art. We can discuss all the details through our meeting. Looking forward to talking to you.

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